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Smart Men won't commit !!

By: admin

1) Smart Men have figured out how to get sex without commiting to Marriage: These gifted intelligent beings have stated that meeting women is much easier now than meeting women in the past.Men don't mind becoming friends with a woman before commiting to a serious relationship,regards to casual encounters ,that's just too easy  now for them.

2) Smart Men are now enjoying the benifits of having all the amenities a woman can bring to the table without having to sign their life away forever: These smart men know that living together without a marriage licence is less risky than getting married.No need for these men to get married when they got it made at this point in their life.

3) These Savvy smart men have wised up to the "womwn of today": Those women that feel compelled to trade up from man to man by taking each one for his financial empire are running out of victims.These smart men are on to their game and usually refuse to ever get married.

4) Smart Men want to wait until they are older to have Kids: Although men understand that women worry about their biological clocks ,they say they don't have to.And they don't want to be pressured into tying the  knot by women who want marriage in order to have kids.

5) Smart Men Savor their freedom to enjoy hobbies ,late nights out and freedom from extra financial bumdens: Smart Men fear that marriage will require too many changes and compromises.

6) Smart Men said they don't want to settle for second -Best: They are waiting for the perfect soul mate and she hasn't arrived yet.The men even said they were living with a woman who was their version of a second-best partner.

7) Smart Men face few social pressures to marry: Today's smart young men encounter few traditional pressures from religion,employers or society to get married.

8) Smart Men are reluctant to marry  a woman who already has Kids: Men said they feel badly if they establish a relationship with the kids of a woman and then break-up with mom.

9) They want to own a home before they consider getting a Wife: Smart men want to be financially "set" before they consider marriage.

10) Smart Men want to enjoy a single life as long as they can: Smart Men are accustomoed to their own space and routines.They enjoy the freedom of not having to be responsible to anyone else.

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