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4 Best Do It Yourself Security System for Home

Whether you are a DIY person or want to save some money on the home security system, here are the best options of do it yourself security system for home to consider.

4 Best Do It Yourself Security System for Home


Why is SimpliSafe included in the list of the best DIY home security system? You can find various packages available for DIY home security. More importantly, you can also choose to customize your system. It might be a do it yourself security system for home but you will get professional monitoring 24/7. The risk-free trial is offered for 60 days. Of course, no contact is involved.


The next best do it yourself security system for home is Abode. It might be an entry-level security system but if you love customization for your home security system, this option might be the best choice for you. You will not find any difficulty installing the system. It is getting better since the system can be integrated with the smart system from a third party, such as IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Nest. It means that you can arm and disarm your security system with voice commands. It also can be integrated with several smart-home devices and platforms. You can access the security system from the web or mobile app for free.


The best diy home security system does not mean that you will sacrifice the efficiency of the system. Alder is one of the best home security systems that offer DIY options. The monitoring system is handled professionally since its monitoring centers work 24/7. Everything from intrusion, floods, carbon monoxide leaks, fire, and medical emergencies will be monitored by the system. If you are not into a DIY project, you can let the professional install the system. It can support smart-home integration although the options are not that many.

Cove Security

You should choose Cove Security to get the best DIY value. You can feel free to customize your security packages. You will not find any preset home security plans, after all. This security system is getting better with its locked monitoring rates, a lifetime warranty, and also a $5 credit per month. The credit can be used for purchasing equipment in the future. You will find varied equipment and monitoring cost per month since no preexisting packages are available. You will be able to access self and professional monitoring plans along with Cove InstaText. To prevent false alarms, a three-step communication process is used. Of course, this do it yourself security system for home keeps their response fast.


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