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Best DIY Home Security System to Protect Your House

Are you looking for the best DIY home security system? Just like other technologies, home security systems continue to develop as well. Nowadays, there are security system products that homeowners can install themselves. They are easy to use and easy to find too. You will find complete rotary lock systems that only require you to place them where they need to be. Then, plug them in as well as modular and DIY systems using smart solutions like SmartThings.

Besides being useful for daily uses, the best smart home security system is also especially beneficial when you need to leave your home for a long time. It will let you know if your home is safe or not while you are away. Which home security system is the best? Here are some recommendations for you.

 best diy home security system

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security

SimpliSafe offers an amazing wireless smart security system for nearly every house. The SimpliSafe system starts with a base station that monitors all sensors and keeps you connected to SimpliSafe services via the internet, with a cellular backup in case your Wi-Fi goes down and a keypad to interact with the system itself. From there, you add motion and sign-in sensors as well as any alarm sirens that you probably need to suit your space.

One incredible thing about SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security is that all monitoring and controls are done through the base station. So that when the button is turned off, the system remains active. And the second amazing thing is all of these are wireless and easy, quick to install. You can complete the system with products like an HD video camera with real-time live-viewing capabilities or smoke alarms. Bundled with the SimpliSafe app, which is one of the best apps for smart home, you will be able to monitor almost everything to make sure your house is secure.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360

For those of you who are searching for a smart camera for home, you should consider choosing Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360. As the name implies, This CCTV camera can see up to 360 degrees by rotating in all directions to record the surrounding situation. The field of view is 110 degrees at the front of the lens, quite wide to capture whoever passes through the camera. Moreover, this home security product also has other interesting features.

For example, this smart camera features infrared technology that makes everything that emits heat visible in the dark. Such as animals passing your house or someone entering your house. The most important thing is that the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 has an internet connection and motion detection AI. The combination of these 2 features allows you to monitor everything from your smartphone’s camera, no matter where you are.

If there is someone moving in the room where you place the CCTV camera, you will immediately get a notification on your smartphone.

Fortress Security

The next recommended do it yourself security system for home is Fortress Security. Fortress Security offers a great starter kit with S03-B Home and Business Security System. This includes all you need to detect break-ins and movements as well as alert you and the authorities appropriately. The packet consists of a central panel that controls and monitors the peripherals, with up to 6 numbers to call when triggered.

You will also find a loud alarm, outdoor siren, 3 key fobs to control the system, an RFID tag to quickly disarm, various motion sensors, and door or window contacts. There is also a panic button to use in moments we all wish never happened. Fortress Security is a built-in system that requires a 120-volt connection, but it has a battery backup. There is no monthly service fee, making it suitable for you who look for a free security system for home.

It has no cloud capabilities, but it has the ability to use programmable NFC tags, making this home security system smart enough to help you monitor your house.

Netgear Arlo VMS3130

Netgear Arlo VMS3130 is also the best DIY home security system. This product is pretty premium when it comes to CCTVs. It consists of one camera and one hub. It has interesting highlights, such as an HD resolution, night vision feature to see in the dark, motion scanner sensor whose sensitivity levels can be set up, and a hub that you can easily connect to more than one camera. You can connect this CCTV to the internet so that you can stream and monitor your space from your smartphone in real-time.

Moreover, the motion sensor also has an alarm that will automatically notify you when it sees something moving. You will get the notification on your device and email. You can get this product from home security companies near me.

Wink Lookout Smart Security Essentials

If you want a simpler, yet custom DIY home security solution, Wink Lookout Smart Security Essentials can be a perfect option. The starter kit is equipped with 3 sensors, a Wink2 hub, and alarm. This will connect to the Wink app in your smartphone and be ready to be paired with hundreds of other Wink products. For example, a camera, door key, thermostat, and others to provide a total home monitoring solution.

Ezviz C6TC Wi-Fi Camera

This CCTV camera is compact, thanks to its round shape. Ezviz C6TC Wi-Fi Camera has a 1/3-inch Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor with 2-megapixel resolution and Full HD images. It can also rotate up to 340 degrees to the right and left, 80 degrees up, or 10 degrees down. This product also has a motion scanner sensor. It functions to automatically send a notification to you when it sees something moving in your room.

The notification will be sent to your phone via an app. It also features infrared, allowing you to see in the dark. You can connect this camera to your smartphone by using the Ezviz app, then use it to speak with the person seen in the best DIY home security system.


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