BestCyberZone Home Security Systems The Ultimate Guide on Finding the Best Outdoor Security Cameras 2022

The Ultimate Guide on Finding the Best Outdoor Security Cameras 2022

For some people, finding the best outdoor security cameras 2022 can be quite challenging. Especially with the wide variety of options, finding a suitable camera system for your business and home is difficult. Luckily, this won’t be much of a problem if you read our ultimate guide on finding the best security camera.

Why You Need Security Cameras?

Is a security camera system really necessary? That’s probably the first question that popped into your mind after reading this article. Well, the answer to that question is relative. Are you willing to improve the security of your home and business? If the question is yes, then the best home security camera system might be an absolute necessity for you.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras 2022

Compared to similar security sensors, like a motion sensor or voice detection, even the Costco security cameras wireless is a superior option. While able to detect door opening, the motion sensor won’t give you a clear view of who’s opening the door. The same disadvantage applies to voice detection. As proven by the Arizona State University research in 2020, the Fremont police department reveal that voice verification had a 95 percent chance of being a false alarm.

Security cameras allow complete surveillance which includes visual and audio. As you might already know, footage from the best home security camera system allows the authority to investigate criminal acts. This also increases the chance of capturing culprits in case you do end up being a victim of burglary.

Types of Security Camera

There are various types of security cameras. In general, security cameras can be categorized based on their location, power, connectivity, recording, and shape. Before your search for a security camera installation near me, here’s the complete guide on various types of security cameras.

Location (Outdoor)

  • Outdoor camera: This type of camera is usually more expensive than an indoor camera. This is due to the higher durability that outdoor cameras have. Typically, an outdoor camera comes with a durable case to protect the camera from weather damage. The outdoor wireless security camera system is more common than the wired one due to the limited power outlet outside your home.
  • Doorbell camera: Doorbell camera is an outdoor camera specifically designed to monitor your front door. With this outdoor wireless security camera system, you’ll be able to peek at anyone on your door front via live stream feeds sent to your phone.


  • Wired camera: As the name suggests, wired cameras use cables to transfer the electricity from the power outlet to the camera. Also known as POE (Power Over Ethernet), the best POE security camera system eliminates the requirement for battery change. However, wired cameras will not function if you have an electricity blackout.
  • Wireless camera: The advantage of the wireless camera comes from the ease of installment. But, of course, we’re still required to change the battery every once in a while. But, with the implementation of solar panels, even the best wired security camera system is inferior compared to the wireless camera.


  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi home security cameras are able to transmit live footage to our devices via a Wi-Fi connection. Using this type of camera, we will be able to monitor our home even when we’re in a different part of the world. However, this will only work if Wi-Fi is available.
  • Non-Wi-Fi/ analog: The analog is the alternative to Wi-Fi home security cameras. Analog security cameras don’t have the ability to transmit live footage. Instead, the footage is recorded via an SD card or hard drive.


  • Digital video recorder (DVR): The DVR system is typically used for the best wired security camera system. Like the analog camera, the surveillance footage is directly stored on a hard drive.
  • Network video recorder (NVR): NVR cameras are the right choice if you’re looking for the best outdoor security cameras 2022. NVR cameras use Wi-Fi and Internet Protocol to stream the surveillance footage to a selected device. 


  • Dome: Dome cameras are typically installed on the ceilings. Besides being harder to steal, dome cameras offer a wider field of view compared to bullet cameras. Combined with the POE system, the dome cameras could be the best POE security camera system for your home. 
  • Bullet camera: Is usually wireless due to its typical mounting location on the outdoor walls. As a result, the bullet designs are usually combined with the best night vision security camera.
  • Box: Contrary to popular beliefs, a box-shaped camera has been around for a long time. However, it is not the best option for the outdoor setup.
  • Turret: Turret camera offers the widest possibility of installation angle. On top of that, these cameras are relatively difficult to steal, making them suitable for outdoor.

Features in a Security Camera that You Need to Have

As you might’ve guessed, security camera installation near me offers cameras with various features. So, decide which features you must-have for the best outdoor surveillance. In general, the best outdoor camera should be durable and wireless. On top of that, the best setup for your outdoor security camera must have suitable Wi-Fi connectivity, high video quality, zoom feature, wide field of view, and night vision.

Finding the best night vision security camera allows you to monitor the outdoor during the night or with minimal lighting conditions. However, don’t set aside the aspect of durability. Camera durability rating is indicated by two-digit numbers called IP rating. The first digit indicates its resistance to solid, while the second is the liquid. 

Most outdoor cameras these days have IP ratings of 65, which is durable enough to withstand snowstorms and rains. A quick tip for beginners, always finds reputable security camera installation companies to install your camera. They will make sure that your camera installation is effective and secured.

Please be aware that Costco security cameras wireless will always be cheaper. However, the low price usually doesn’t translate well into the camera quality. Therefore, always look for a company that specifically sells security cameras. Also, as previously said, never try to install a security camera by yourself. Always find some reputable security camera installation companies for the installation job.

So those are the general guides to find the best outdoor security camera for your homes and businesses. Remember this guide well and you’ll be guaranteed to find some of the best outdoor security cameras 2022.


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