BestCyberZone Camera 4 Reasons Why Some People are Still Looking for the Best Wired Security Camera System

4 Reasons Why Some People are Still Looking for the Best Wired Security Camera System

Wireless security cameras seem to beat the existence of wired security camera systems but it is not. Some users still need the best wired security camera system to monitor and record their areas. Nowadays, you can also still find out the best outdoor security cameras 2022 with wired technology. Check the complete description below.   

Wired Security Camera System

Wired Security Camera is an Option for Unstable Wi-Fi Signal 

You should use a wired security camera in case the Wi-Fi signal is not good in your area. It is because a wired security camera gets the power from a power source and the internet by a cable. On the other hand, wireless using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. 

You only use the cable to connect to a power source. As a result, the performance of the camera is significantly reduced if the network goes down. Wired security cameras still have a battery for backup. 

Safer from Hackers 

Hackers become the most common issues for a variety of wireless gadgets, including a security camera. Wired is a solution to deal with hackers. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that the best wired security camera system can’t be hacked while still connected to the internet. A wired security camera system works locally even if it is connected to the internet. 

Good for a Large Property 

Wi-Fi signal is often a problem for those who are living in a large property. The signal doesn’t extend too far. It often only works around 300 feet. The system also works properly when there are no walls or anything to block the signal. 

Unlike a wireless security camera, a wired security camera provides a more reliable signal. It is okay if you have to monitor the camera against the wall because it uses a power source to operate and supply the power.    

Stable Video Quality 

The video quality from the wired security camera is relatively stable since it doesn’t depend on the signal. This system also doesn’t need too much bandwidth because it doesn’t send the video to the cloud. 

Indeed, a wireless security system depends a lot on the Wi-Fi signal. The worse the Wi-Fi signal, the lower the quality of the video on the camera. It can be a problem if there is a problem with the camera quality while recording the most crucial moments.  So, despite the drawbacks of a wired security camera system, it is still an option. Ensure that you get the best wired security camera system to keep it working maximally and giving maximum benefit.


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