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Can A Mac Get A Virus? Which Threats That Can Harm Your Mac

Can a mac get a virus? It is not a surprising question, though. As we all know, Apple always puts safety as a priority in its product design and building. Therefore, many of its products are considered to be the safest device to use. However, you can’t let your guard down. Even though Apple is known for its safety, there is always a hole where the virus can attack. 

Can A Mac Get A Virus

So, the answer to that question is yes, your Mac can get infected by a computer virus. So, what kind of virus can attack a Mac device? What is a virus in a computer that has one of the best safety features like a Mac? Below, we have a list of the threats that can harm your Mac.

  1. Viruses – Mac is also vulnerable to a computer virus that attacks other devices. The creator of that virus has made various modifications. That way, the virus they have can attack almost all devices and operating systems, except the stand-alone system.
  2. Ransomware – This one is dangerous malicious code that takes a hostage of your Mac system. Then, the creator of this program demands a certain amount of money to give you back the Mac system that you use.
  3. Adware – this thing is one of the most annoying things your Mac can get. Once it infects your Mac, it will show numerous ads and pop-ups. It even has a tracking feature, so your activity in Mac is open to the world.
  4. Trojans – Trojan creates a harmless appearance. It tricks you to download and install its code on your Mac. Your Mac might be able to protect against the attack from outside. But, if you bring that dangerous code inside, there is a high chance that it will freely attack your Mac system. This type of virus is the one that makes people doubt this system and ask this question. Can a mac get a virus?
  5. Rootkits – This software allows its creator to control other people’s Mac. It appeared years ago when the hacker successfully developed malware by using 2009 MacOS.


As you can see, there are many types of threats that can attack your Mac. Even though Apple keeps updating and releasing better security feature in their latest product, it is not wrong to keep aware of those threats. So, can a mac get a virus? Yes, it can.


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