BestCyberZone Firewall A Brief Story about Firewall and How Firewall Protect Network

A Brief Story about Firewall and How Firewall Protect Network

How firewall protect network? You must have at least asked this question whenever your friends or the OS you use reminds you to update your firewall for better and safer online activity. Why is it necessary? What is a firewall? And, how can it protect our network system? Here, we are going to find the answers to those firewall-related questions. We hope at the end of this article, you understand why a firewall is the core of your system.

How Firewall Protect Network

What is Firewall?

Let’s start from the basics. What is a firewall? A firewall is software and hardware that has a monitoring function. It analyzes the data that enter and leave your network. By analyzing the data, it will find which one is safe and not. The safe one will be allowed to enter or leave your network. On the other hand, the unsafe data will be blocked. You also get a warning when it happens.

What is a virus in a computer? It is like this tool always asks this question whenever it monitors the data traffic. Is it a virus, malware, or safe data? Then, it will only permit the data that doesn’t harm your system or is allowed by you, the owner of the device.

How Does It Protect the Network?

How firewall protect network from danger? As we explained, this program will monitor the data traffic in your network. Then, it uses the rules created and enabled by the firewall provider. Once you get it on your network, you also can modify some of these rules. That way, it works like what you want. 

A firewall also monitors the network on various software in a device. It is like a toll gate that controls the car that tries to enter the highway. That car resembles the data that is going to enter your system. It is also the other people that want to access your network. If those people are banned, the firewall will also block them. By filtering all the data, your network will be protected from any threats.


Therefore, it is necessary to keep your firewall updated. Get the latest program and version for your firewall. Also, use the latest physical firewall if you need it. That will give you fewer problems to deal with, especially for you who work with private information. That’s everything you need to know about how firewall protect network.


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