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4 Methods to Removing Computer Viruses

Is the process of removing computer viruses difficult to do? Many people ask this question when they have to get an expert to deal with the virus that attacks their computer. The answer is varying. It requires different times depending on the virus type and the severity of the attack. However, if you are curious about the process of removing the virus on your computer, here we have a brief explanation about that.

Removing Computer Viruses

Using Antivirus

One of the methods to remove the virus is using an antivirus program. This program will ask this question when you run it. What is a virus in a computer look like? Then, it will scan the whole files in your computer and match the code with the virus database that it has. When it finds the match, it will conduct the process to remove or isolate that code, then fix the damaged part.

System Restore

One of the essential steps in the removing computer viruses process is system restoration. It is the method to restore your computer to the date before the virus attack happened. It deletes the newer data or changes past that date. Therefore, your computer will feel like you have a newly installed system.

However, we recommend using the antivirus first to remove the virus before using the System Restore method. Nowadays, many viruses can cleverly hide in the system code, so they can’t be detected by the System Restore. 

Registry Repair

It is the method to repair the changed or damaged registry string in a computer. Many viruses attack this part. It is because it has access to the whole computer system and functions. Therefore, the virus can easily affect your computer using the registry system. By using registry repair, you can prevent the virus from causing more damage. Then, you can use antivirus to remove the virus.

Format and Reinstall

This method is your last resort. You can only use it after your antivirus can’t detect and remove the virus. Plus, you should use it when other methods fail to do so. This method will delete all data on your computer. After reinstalling the OS, your computer will be like a new computer.


You don’t need to panic when you find out your computer got a virus infection. Use one of those methods to solve that problem. All those methods are the removing computer viruses method that you can do yourself.


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