BestCyberZone Home Security Systems Review of Canary Home Security Verizon

Review of Canary Home Security Verizon

The home security Verizon called Canary might be the right home security system for you. Find it out by learning more about the home security system by Verizon.

Review of Canary Home Security Verizon


First things, let’s talk about the good things that can be found from the home security system by Verizon. It is a well-known technology company so you might have a high expectation about its home security system, especially the equipment.

You will love the night vision capabilities in its cameras. It means that it can ensure better security at night. The alarm modes will change automatically based on current home activity. It must be super convenient for more efficient home security.

If you choose Canary Premium Service, you will get a two-way communication feature as well. The most important thing is that you do not have to buy the devices or finance them. The devices are offered for free. You only need to pay the monthly service fee.

Those great advantages make you think that it is the best diy home security system you want to install in your home.


But wait a minute! Before you make any decision associated with the installation of this home security system, you need to know the disadvantages, as well. The very first drawback of home security Verizon is that you cannot get professional monitoring services from the company. It might reduce the efficiency of this home security system, after all.

The home security system does not come with door or window sensors. If you choose the free plan, you are only allowed to access one day of video history. It means that you need to pay more to get convenient access to the video history when necessary.


The canary home security Verizon is offered in several packages. The Canary View is a package made for securing indoor areas. This package has motion detection and night vision capabilities. It comes with an HD camera with 1080 pixels image sensor. The field of view is supported by a 147º wide-angle lens. It is also supported by 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.

Meanwhile, the Canary Pro can be the best choice for monitoring air quality in your home. This security package does not only come with motion detection and night vision, but also a 90-decibel siren and monitoring for temperature, humidity, and air. The camera, field of view, and Wi-Fi features are pretty much the same as the Canary View package. The Canary Flex is the best package choice for securing your outdoor areas. It comes with motion detection, night vision, weatherproof, and wireless capabilities. The camera has the same specification as other home security Verizon packages, but it is also supported by a 116º wide-angle lens and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.


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