BestCyberZone Reviews Review of McAfee Antivirus – the Best Protection for All Devices

Review of McAfee Antivirus – the Best Protection for All Devices

Antivirus is the essential software you should have on your computer and mobile device. Here, we have a review of mcafee, the antivirus that is considered one of the best virus protection software. If you plan to use this antivirus, you are in the right place. Let’s see what kind of features McAfee has for you.

Review of McAfee Antivirus

High Compatibility with Various Platforms and Device

McAfee is available in many versions. You can find the version for Windows or MacOS. For mobile device users, this antivirus is also available for Android and iOS devices. Best of all, each of the versions got a good score in a test by AV-Test Institute. The maximum score is 18 points. McAfee has successfully got 17.5 points.

Protection Quality

What is a virus in a computer that McAfee can protect you from? McAfee always updates its virus and other threats database regularly. Any kind of virus, malware, phishing attack, and even ransomware, won’t be able to penetrate your defense. Moreover, it has a 100% detection score for any attack. Therefore, you will know when someone or some virus is trying to enter your system.

Furthermore, McAfee also has a good score in detecting malicious websites. Many people have been in trouble because of this case. They see a link that seems harmless. Little they do know that the URL contains malware ready to invade their device. This complete detection and protection against this threat is another plus point we want to share with you in this review of mcafee. 

McAfee Include Many Bonus Features

McAfee also provides more than just antivirus protection features. It has other bonus features that help you get the best experience with your devices. For example, you get a PC Boost, App Lock, Memory Booster, and many more. Those features are valuable additions you can find in an antivirus product.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cheapest one would be the free version. However, you can get a pro subscription that starts at around $60 per year for full and better protection. That is one of the most affordable prices for a professional version of antivirus. So, that is a good deal.

Conclusion In short, McAfee is a good antivirus for your device. Make sure you choose the correct version for your OS and platform. And, do not forget to update its virus database regularly. That will give you the best protection that you need. That’s all our review of McAfee.


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