BestCyberZone Reviews Reviews for Xfinity Home Security from an Internet Company

Reviews for Xfinity Home Security from an Internet Company

You might want to know more about reviews for xfinity home security because Xfinity is an internet company that plays the home security game, as well. Let’s find out more about its pros, cons, and packages offered.

Reviews for Xfinity Home Security


The most important part of reviews for xfinity home security that people usually want to know is the advantages offered by Xfinity home security. Everyone loves discounts to save some money. The great thing about Xfinity which is also an internet company is that you will get discounts if you take the home security package bundling with the internet, phone, and cable.

You can also save your money further because the equipment financing is free from interest. It means that you do not have to worry about a lengthy financing plan for your home security. If you are not satisfied with the performance of this security system, you will get a full refund within the first 30 days of service. It is enough to know the performance of this home security system in 30 days, after all.


Xfinity home security sounds so great with those advantages, but you must not forget that it also comes with some flaws. It will take a lot of money to buy the equipment of this home security upfront. It is great that there financing plan for the equipment. However, it will take a 3-years of contract.

DIY installation might be considered to save some money for your home security, but this option is not allowed when you use Xfinity home security. The biggest drawback that can be found from reviews for xfinity home security is that you cannot integrate the system with smart home devices by Google or Amazon.


Although Xfinity is not the best diy home security system, you need to pay attention to the available packages for your home security equipment. Three packages are offered, including the Base Home System, the Complete Home System, and the Ultimate Home System.

The Best Home System will be a perfect package for smaller homes. It comes with a touchscreen controller, pet-friendly motion sensor, Xfinity yard sign, battery, and cellular system backup, as well as 3 door or window sensors included.

If your home comes with multiple doors or windows, the Complete Home System might be a better choice. It comes with all features included in the Base Home System package. However, this higher package also comes with a wireless keypad and one HD indoor or outdoor camera included. Larger homes will need the Ultimate Home System package that includes all features in the Complete Home System package with one more HD indoor or outdoor camera included. Do not forget to learn further about those packages from reviews for xfinity home security.


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