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Dangerous Type of Virus in Computer Virus That Bring Harm to Your Data

Is there any type of virus in computer that can bring many problems? This question mostly came late after your system was damaged by a virus. The answer to that question is yes. Not only one type. Many of them can give you a severe headache because you lose a lot of important data. Let’s see what kind of virus can harm your computer and system.

Type of Virus in Computer Virus

What is Computer Virus?

But, before you learn about the type of computer virus, you need to know more about this problem. So, what is a virus in a computer? It is a piece of code hidden behind a program or link that will be activated when you access that program or link. It also can self-replicate and infect many parts in your system, and then modify or destroy it. 

What Kind of Computer Virus That Can Attack Your Device?

Speaking about a type of virus in computer, there are many of them. Here are some of the examples: 

  1. File-infecting Virus – this virus is attached to an executable program. It infects the .exe or .com extension file, which makes it also get a nickname as a parasitic virus.
  2. Macro Virus – as for this virus, it uses the document file that you can access through Microsoft Word or Excel to spread and infect your computer.
  3. Browser Hijacker – as its name implies, this virus infects your browser. Its purpose is to direct you to a certain website, which mostly is malicious websites. 
  4. Web Scripting Virus – this virus attacks a website, which is a popular website. It overwrites the code on that website. So, it can transfer malicious software to the device that people use to visit that website.
  5. Boot Sector Virus – this virus infects the boot sector of a computer. However, it can only infect your computer through physical media, such as a USB drive. 
  6. Polymorphic Virus – this virus is one of the dangerous viruses because it can infect an antivirus program. Then, it changes its code, so it can’t protect you anymore.
  7. Resident Virus – this virus hides in your computer memory. It can affect the Operating System and corrupt the program.

Final Thoughts

Even though the security system for computers and other devices has improved significantly today, there is still a threat out there. Therefore, you should keep updating and upgrading your antivirus to ensure your computer is free from any type of virus in computer.


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