BestCyberZone Camera 3 Effective Tricks to Solve WiFi Home Security Cameras Signal Issue

3 Effective Tricks to Solve WiFi Home Security Cameras Signal Issue

Wi-Fi Signal Loss is a common issue for those who install wifi home security cameras. As a result, you can’t view what is happening to your property locally and remotely. That’s why you should consider looking for the best Wi-Fi provider and the best outdoor security cameras 2022. The good thing is that you can still solve this problem. Check out the tricks below.  

WiFi Home Security Cameras

Find the Right Channel 

Other wireless devices, such as micro over or cordless phones may interfere with your wireless security cameras. The best way to solve this problem is by choosing the right channel. Most wireless home security cameras use a 2.4Ghz network to operate maximally so do other Radio Frequency technologies, such as Bluetooth, walkie-talkies, and smartphones. As a result, the network is so crowded. Try to change the channel into 5.8GHz if using a dual-band router. 

Put the Wireless Router in the Right Place 

You can’t put the router anywhere as you wish only because it is a wireless system. A specific material, such as building materials and walls can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. It often makes the signal hard to penetrate maximally as it should be. 

You would better move the router if there is a concrete, metal, or even mirror that blocks it. These barriers have a very high level of interference against the Wi-Fi signal. It is the same case with wood, plaster, water, bricks, and marbles. 

These materials are a barrier to Wi-Fi signal, although it is not as bad as a mirror. The living room or the central area of the property is the best place to put the wireless router. Ensure to set the router’s antenna vertically and straight. Put the router on the table or other surface instead of putting it on the floor. The further the router from the floor, the better.  

Support the Router with a Wi-Fi Range Extender 

Another trick to fix the signal of your wifi home security cameras is by using a Wi-Fi range extender. It works effectively if the distance between the wireless security cameras and the router is too far away. Just like its name, this device helps to extend the Wi-Fi signal from one point to another point. As a result, your wireless home security camera system keeps working well even if the router position is out of the network.  Call an expert technician if the tips above don’t work well to solve the Wi-Fi signal issue. Remember to learn the complete specifications of the wifi home security cameras before purchasing them to prevent any signal issues.


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